Bye Week

As high as expectations were for this year’s Dallas Cowboys, and how brutal the last month of sobering reality has been with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant out of the lineup, I am very happy to see an early bye week for the Cowboys.  There is talk that Dez may return after the bye week, which would be a big win for Matt Cassell as he gets ready for his first start in place of the “pissed” Brandon Weeden.  I only hope they are not rushing Dez back to soon as the Cowboys are in dire need of a win to try and turn this early season meltdown around.  With a 2-3 record, the Cowboys get to watch a couple of division foes face off tomorrow night when the Eagles play the Giants on Monday Night Football.

My random thoughts heading into the NFL Sunday…

Someone thinks Cleveland is going to knock Denver off their unbeaten record perch as linesmakers have moved the line in that game from 6 to 3.5 with 85% of the tickets backing the Broncos.

I think the Jets beat Washington, who I would feel very sorry for if they were not in the NFC East.  How long do you hang on to a coach that put all his eggs in the Kirk Cousin’s basket and made RGIII a pariah on his own team.

Kansas City is going to have trouble scoring against a quietly good Minnesota team that has only allowed 73 points in their first four games, second only to Carolina with 71.  The Panthers are on the road in Seattle and could give the reeling Seahawks another blow with a home loss.

Brady 50 Colts 11.2 psi.  Lame attempt at Deflategate humor, but with all the talk that Brady does not have any extra motivation to play the Colts, I am sure he will want to stick it to Chuck Pagano and the Colts who started the circus after losing by over 30 points last year in Foxboro.

The Lions are 0-5 and I think have a great shot at getting their first/only win tomorrow against the Bears who come limping in with an 0-3 conference record and an amazing -56 point difference in point differential.  The Lions is -55.  I’ll take the dog to get its first bite of the year against Cutler and Company.

Rest of the card is pretty meh.  Bills and Bengals will be interesting to see how the new and improved Bengals play on the road.  The Bengals remind me of last year’s Cowboys team.  Andy Dalton seems to have taken another step and is playing some really good football.  Ravens and 49ers is a Superbowl rematch from a couple of years ago, with teams that look nothing like they did during that Raven’s win over the Niners in the Harbaugh Bowl.  Colin Kapernick is a name that will haunt the Bay area for years to come.  He stole money with that contract.

Enjoy your football Sunday.


Go Cowboys!!!
Brady celebrating a TD against Dallas last week in an easy day for him and the Pats.

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