NFL Combine Time

The NFL Combine has now become my annual time when I realize after six or seven hours of watching guys running 40 yard dashes that we have reached a new level of Football love in the USA, and I love it and I loved every hour I watched drills.  Picking 4th adds to the excitement, but I would have watched if we didn’t have a pick.

The day and night had the same ups and downs that we normally get from the Cowboys on Sunday.  The one difference,  no one lost.  It’s hard not to impress or look good in shorts when you are almost 300 pounds and can run a 4.50 forty.


Possibly the next QB in Big D...
Possibly the next QB in Big D…

During last Saturday’s coverage, I convinced myself we had to take Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State with our pick and give that offensive line the type of running back that they deserve.  I like  Darren McFadden, I really do, but only between the 20’s.  I still think if we would have had a good compliment to DMAC, and not Joseph Randle, we could have avoided the nightmare that last season became for the Cowboys.  Then, I saw the interview…  Carson Wents watching film with Mooch, and handling himself like a 10 year veteran.   Well, we never hope to be in this spot again, let’s go ahead and take the QB.  No, Joey Bossa will give us the defensive help that  we hoped to get from Greg Hardy.  So, I leave the combine, with more questions than answers.

He may be great, but he also has the biggest chance to be a bust.
He may be great, but he also has the biggest chance to be a bust.


I hate the feeling that we are going to regret passing on this kid.
I hate the feeling that we are going to regret passing on this kid.

Tony Romo is going to undergo surgery next week to get a protective plate in his shoulder.  We can’t bring a franchise quarterback in here, especially if we want Tony on this team.  I want Tony on this team.  There will be another Carson Wents for us to look at after Tony is done, but this is his ship to take us to the SuperBowl, or be the next Danny White.  Google him if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

And as we leave Indy and the combine,   free agency starts in less than 24 hours.  Word is that Brandon Carr will be released saving the Cowboys 6 million dollars in cap space.  BCarr is a guy I like, but the Cowboys are making the right move there.


Best QB in 2016 draft.
Best QB in 2016 draft.

Quick Top 3 (Not Overall Draft Picks – Who I am looking at for Dallas right now)

  1.  Ezekiel Elliot – Ohio State – I love this guy.  We would probably need to trade down since taking him at 4 is way too early,  but he looks like 12 TD’s if he joined us next season.
  2. Joey Bossa – Ohio State – There was something about his interview with Mike Mayock that put me off him last week.  This is your job interview Joey.  Don’t act like it’s the last place you want to be.  Nothing big, but it lands him at 2.
  3.  Carson Wents – I wish someone would make a move and move up to 2 or 3 and take him out of the picture for us.  He looked sharp, is extremely smart, but would not be good in Dallas where fans would want him to start as soon as Tony Romo throws his first in-completion  of the year.  I bet he is hoping Colin Kapernick gets traded to Cleveland, where young quarterbacks go to die.

As we approach the 28th of April, it really comes down to what side of the ball do you want to help.  We will have another running back, a couple of new defensive lineman, a quarterback that is hopefully better than Brandon Weeden,  our fingers crossed that Orlando Scandrick is ready to come back, and could also use some help at linebacker with Sean Lee not inspiring confidence that he will be able to start every week.

Quarterback could be solved this week as free-agency starts.  Robert Griffin III is going to be a free agent, and he has made it clear that Dallas is his top choice to land.  Matt Hasselback is out there.  Just get someone that can steady the ship if Romo goes down again for an extended period of time.  Wents would not be ready anyway and future be damned.  This is a different time and era in sports.

Mario Williams was released last week, but I think will

Matt Forte would look good in a Cowboy’s uniform and would take Elliot off the board.  Sign some free agents on offense, so you can lock in on Bosa for the draft.  It’s possible, but way to early to say.

Free Agency Time….

Let’s Go Blue!! –  Go Cowboys…




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