Slow Playing

I’m actually surprised that the Cowboys have been so quiet in free agency this year. Coming off a 4 win season, I imagined Jerry going nuts with the off-season kicking into gear this week.

Well, the one thing I can say is, Whew… The team, like I have been saying is not that far away from being good, and I think the lack of bold signings by the Cowboys show they are thinking the same thing. I admit my ears perked up when I heard Demarco Murray was asking for a trade, but I am glad that did not happen. There was no way Philly was just going to give him back to Dallas, and what were we getting? A back who is another year older and hope that we can relive a dream season. Good pass.

After the first weekend of free-agency, the price for mediocre quarterbacks went through the roof, thanks to Houston taking Denver’s QB away by signing Brock Osweiler to a big payday of $72 million dollars. The list is thin except for maybe taking a flyer on RGIII, but I think he’s going to want too much for the role we need him to play this season. Save that money, the running back I wanted was Matt Forte and the Jets scooped him up quickly, so I hold out hope for a trade down in the draft to get an extra pick and Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State. Long time to go, so we will see, but I was glad to see the Cowboys not be a part of the spending derby that the NFC East was taking part in, overpaying for some talent, but talent with question marks. They would not be free agents if there were no question marks.

President pulls off the Cowboy Hat look. Awesome!!
President Barack Obama tries on a cowboy hat from a member of the crowd after speaking at a Democratic National Convention event at Gilley’s Club Dallas on Saturday, March 12, 2016 in Dallas. (Ashley Landis/Pool photo, The Dallas Morning News)


All signs point to Greg Hardy not coming back, even though I have not heard that from Hardy or the team, so you never know. Not signing him puts Bosa in the running for the first pick, heck even if we did sign Hardy, our d-line was so weak, we still may take Bosa. More questions than answers, glad to see us take the first pitch and wait for the big names to go off the board.

Bracket week. NCAA Tourney Time. Nice distraction. Good luck not getting anything done at work this week!


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