It’s Easy, but It’s also Lazy

It is so easy to bash the Cowboys. It’s almost a rite of passage annually to blast any move that Jerry Jones makes as either he’s trying to win right now and doesn’t realize that his team is not even close or that he is just trying to sell tickets with “sizzle” instead of “steak”. Others will say he should be drafting for the future but then say the window is closing on Tony Romo within two years so he should be drafting to win NOW.

There are so many haters who say Jerry needs to realize that we are not in the 1990’s anymore and that he needs to move forward into this decade because you can’t win in this day and age like you did back then. This is where I stand up for the man I feel has put the Cowboys in a position to return to the playoffs and actually do some damage this year, if the team avoids the worst run of luck with injuries that I’ve seen as a fan in the last two years.

I went into the draft saying I wanted Jalen Ramsey, the CB from Florida State, but that I would be fine with Ezekiel Elliott after last year.   For one, the Cowboys should be getting their top cornerback Orlando Scandrick back from a training camp injury suffered last August that shelved him for the season.  I can’t find anything I do not like with Elliott.  He was a winner in college, he does not shy away from the spotlight, his mom and dad have prepared him to be a professional – he is just an all-around good kid and a great player.

How about the top 5 O-Lineman that had the “Tunsil-Itis” last year in La’el Collins, who teams thought was going to be facing possible murder charges last year?  Jerry added a lineman to what was already being called the best line in football.  Do we have too many linemen now?  Of course not, having a surplus at any position is a rare luxury in this free-agency era.  Now, if I am the Cowboys, with the injuries they have had the last couple of years, they can’t afford to think they have too many lineman or running backs.

The critics of this draft spent last off-season telling us how anyone could get 1000 yards with this line.  Well, you were right, as Darren McFadden did  accomplish that and was a great back between the 20’s.  Not so much in the red zone and on short yardage carries. Once Lamar Dunbar got hurt, we were done converting first downs.

We tried to convince ourselves that we didn’t miss DeMarco Murray.  We really did, but yards are just a portion of what mattets in this judgement.  DeMarco Murray could do two things really well in 2014: (1) run short yardage and goal to go situations and (2) he was a pretty damn good blocker when teams brought an extra linebacker.  We could have used that in Philadelphia last September.

Now, all draft weekend, not a mention of how the Cowboys basically stole a first rounder last year in La’el Collins.  Not a peep.  I’m just curious, if the Pats or Eagles had done that, would it have come up?  I think so, but I’ll leave that one alone as there is no use debating against the people who focus only on the negative and decided that even though Greg Hardy was a bad character in the locker room, he was going to be the focus week after week after week.  So, I’m sure the same folks were praising Jerry for learning his lesson and saying “no more” with Greg Hardy, and taking a player that I’ve heard called the “best story in this year’s draft”.

If you saw the look on Jaylon Smith’s face when he got the call from Jerry, it’s an awesome moment and it makes me realize that Jerry is a good man; and if you truly believe that this team is closer to 12-4 than 4-12, which seems to be the consensus, then he is doing something right.  If he is this much of an idiot at the draft, how good would the Cowboys be if he was good at it?

The time to win is now if we are going to win with Tony Romo.  A 36-year-old QB with a bad shoulder needs that running back he trusts. If Elliott he gets hurt or hits the rookie wall that Deion Sanders is hoping he does (since we didn’t take his beloved Seminole with the 4th pick) we’ll be really glad we had “too many” running backs going into the season.

When Scandrick comes back – will he give you more or less than Ramsey this year?  I’ll take Big O over any rookie, any day.  Having Scandrick back will make Carr, Claiborne and Byron Jones (last year’s other FIRST round defensive back) better.  Seatrtle has shown us you can build from the back forward.

We are going into a season with the Giants minus Tom Coughlin, in transition and aging AND a Philly team that Chip Kelly poisoned so badly that I think even Philly fans know they are going to struggle this year, but are happy because they have their QB of the future (maybe).  Now, if you had to bet on who will be better, Carson Wentz or Jaylon Smith, who would you take? I’d take Smith because I’d take Notre Dame over North Dakota State and 600 total passes thrown in his LIFE as a Quarterback.  Go watch that tape of Smith getting the phone call again if you are struggling with this one.   It appears the Redskins are the competition this year and you are lying if you say they scare you.  We were in the race until after Thanksgiving last year and we were horrible.

The Jaylon Smith move had to make Tex Schramm smile from above. I don’t remember him getting torn to shreds when this team had “needs” and he chose to take a quarterback who had to serve in the Navy, or a running back who was playing in the USFL (for Donald “Baby Hands” Trump, ironically), or a defensive lineman who had to serve four years in the Air Force first.  Where was the criticism when Roger Staubach, Herschel Walker, and Chad Hennings were drafted?  I guess it was just a different time and Jerry is easy to rip.

What may not be so easy is to look him straight in the face, if just by chance he’s right about Jaylon Smith and the line gets an additional boost than they would have with Collins, and if Elliott helps keep Romo upright and converts some important third downs late in games.  It may not be easy at all as there will be a large plate of crow for all to eat.

I’m not saying that Jerry is criticism-proof, far from it.  I just think it has become too easy to “mail it in” and just ride the “There goes Jerry again wagon” when he doesn’t follow your mock draft.  I for one, will back Jerry.



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