This One Stings

Cowboys season ends with a thud after a wonderful 13-3 season that seemed to promise to hold a better ending than this team got. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers came to Arlington and put a clinic on and showed the young Cowboys that there is a difference in playoff football and regular season football.

We have a great nucleus, a quarterback, young running back and great offensive line. Our defense should get better and we look to be contending next year for the division and possibly more. But for now, this one stings.

2 thoughts on “This One Stings

  1. Yes, it stings I agree… but the hope for the next season it brings a smile knowing that WE WILL BE BETTER! Dak, Zeke & Dez will be our “triplet” and I know we will have a better defence (right moves in the Draft!)…
    I remember that YOU were asking for more Defensive players in last Draft & when Zeke was drafted you were NOT elated because you wanted D players!
    Then with Tony down we were lucky to have a gift from Heaven in DAK!
    So it really stings but I am so darn hopeful for our Dallas Cowboys coming back next season ready to FINISH THE FIGHT! TQM Mom


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