Just A Pretty Girl

As I’m on FaceTime with one of my friends, it’s continuously brought up that I’m a pretty girl. Now, I’m confident with my looks, and I’m happy that my friend thinks highly of me, but it turns into the fact that I only have so called “pretty girl” problems, and that I don’t face real world problems. When in fact, I’ve faced a lot. I’ve moved, I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life, and am a constant worrier, this statement is completely false to me.

Now, I do live a great life, and I enjoy life, but we all face our problems. Every single person is going through something, that only a few or possibly no one knows about. We all have something. For me, it used to be my confidence, I could never truly find my self confidence, until I became comfortable in my own skin. Now at the age of 12, I can speak for myself, stand up for myself, and I’m strong.

The other thing that bugged me about this statement was that I’m way more than just a pretty face. I’m intelligent, caring, and I’m determined. I never want anyone to doubt me, or to hate on me. but as Taylor Swift said, the haters are gonna hate! I tried to tell this person that you must not know me well if what you think of me is based on my looks.

I get a great feeling when someone tell me I’m pretty, who doesn’t? But when it turns into more of “stereotyping”, it’s unfair to me! When I’m almost being told that there’s a problem with me being pretty, and that there’s not much else to me. What I realized though is that I’m me, and I’m proud of who I am, who I’ll become, and who I want to be. I’m me!

Honestly, there’s something more to everyone. We all have a story, and sometimes people don’t get to hear your amazing story because they judged your cover. Sometimes we find the people that hear our story, no matter what we look like. Just remember, we all have a story that’s still unfolding with twists and turns, and, ups and downs. We all have a story.

5 thoughts on “Just A Pretty Girl

  1. My dearest Belle, YES you are right in stating that YOU are not only a “pretty girl” because you are also a very smart, sensible & caring girl. When you hear someone telling you that “you are a pretty girl” most of the time it is not meant to undermine you but just giving you a very nice compliment. NOW, when you feel that the compliment undermines your character it is great, that you are strong enough to stand up & say “I am MORE than just a pretty face”!!!
    My dearest Belle,just know & be sure to know,that you don’t have to explain your feelings to anyone outside your close family… Always know that you are what you are & you are good & beautiful “inside & outside”… God has given you a beautiful family & people that truly love you!!
    I am so proud of you my dearest Belle & I TQM you “from the moon and back”!

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